Specialty Bottles

Gulsby Packaging produces a specialty bottle for laboratory – sample – fuel sample bottles use where contents require tamper evidence in handling and transport. Each bottle includes Includes pre-numbered security tags for tracking purposes.

Heavy duty, fuel sample bottles made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), 1 Liter and 750ml

  • Security Seal on fuel sample bottles provide unique identification of representative sample
  • Tamper Evident sample container ensures bunkering integrity
  • Contamination Free sealing
  • Bunker Operations Sampling and Testing
  • Cross Reference identification labels on all fuel sample bottles
  • Global Distribution
  • Fuel Sample Bottles are MARPOL Annex VI Compliant
  • IATA Approved Mailing Cartons
  • Drip Sampler compatible Cubitainers
  • Bunker Fuel Drip Samplers

A representative sample of bunker fuel oil during the transaction between seller and buyer has always been an area of potential dispute. A Bunker supplier that can offer a guarantee of quality retains a competitive advantage and the consuming party receives confidence in engine performance and compliance with that fuel. Uncompromising Bunker fuel oil sampling is therefore vital to bunker transactions and determining the quality of the fuel oil.

Gulsby lab testing and fuel sample bottles have been used for years for bunker fuel testing and other secure requirement environments. It can be used for any product that is compatible with HDPE. It is ideal for MARPOL sample bottles and similar requirements.

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